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Joint Replacement surgeries also called arthoplasty and for arthritic patients are result oriented and rewarding. More and more patients are undergoing these surgeries in recent years as they produce a quick relief of pain and in addition, retain the normal function of the knee. The result is return to a better quality life and independent living. Apart from hip joint replacement and knee joint replacements, Sai Hospital has facilities for shoulder joint replacement, elbow joint replacement, and arthroscopic surgeries. Clean Environment : These surgeries are done in a specially designed operation theater to minimize the infection rate. The standard equipment’s make our operation theater comparable to the best in the world. We keep ourselves updated with the latest technologies and have been employing them here successfully for the benefits of those affected. Who needs Joint Replacement? There are several types of arthritis but when advanced enough they all end up in severe damage to surface of the bones at the joint. That surface becomes rough and irregular. When the bones in that arthritis joint are forced to move against each other, the rubbing of the rough surfaces causes pain. In late arthritis, the main problem is roughened bone surfaces at the joint. The logical solutions available would be restoring a smooth surface to the bones. Restoring a new smooth surface is what is done is joint replacement surgery. What is arthritis? In a normal joint, bones have a smooth, glistening surface made of a substance called articular cartilage on their ends that allows one bone to glide easily against another. Joints are lubricated by a thin layer of fluid (synovial fluid) that acts like oil in an engine to keep moving parts gliding smoothly. When the articular cartilage wears out or is damaged or the joint fluid is abnormal, problems develop and joints often become stiff and painful – that’s arthritis. There are many types of arthritis, but the basic problem is the same in all types: the joint surfaces are worn out or not moving properly. In some cases, it may be possible to treat arthritic joints surgically, including “joint replacement” procedures. What does it mean to have a “joint replacement” or an “artificial joint”? The abnormal bone and lining structures of the involved joint are covered surgically, and new parts are used to cover them. These new parts may be made of special metal or plastic (certain forms of polyethylene) or specific kinds of carbon-coated implants. The new parts allow the joints to move again with little or no pain.



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