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What can I do to help my arthritis? There are 10 tips to manage arthritis: a)Exercise regularly - A regular, appropriate exercise program designed with your arthritis in mind can help you effectively in managing pain. Your doctor can help you plan your program with the physiotherapist. Exercise under guidance, so you don't cause further damage or injury. Do not exercise with acutely injured or inflamed joints. b)Maintain normal body weight - Being overweight increases the risk for osteoarthritis. Losing weight helps reduce the stress on hips and knees. Eat right; keep fats, sugar, salt and fibre within recommended limits. There is no proof that any particular diet has an effect on arthritis. c)Use your joints wisely - Learn how to perform tasks in ways that reduce stress on your painful joints. Protect joints from undue load. d)Use assistive devices - Devices such as a walking stick, splints and braces can help to stabilize joints, provide support and reduce pain by reducing the stress on hips and knees. e)Use heat or cold treatments - Using heat or cold treatments can reduce the pain and stiffness of arthritis. Your doctor can teach you correct ways to use heat and cold for pain relief. f)Take medicines wisely - Many types of medicines can help control the pain and swelling of arthritis. Work with your doctor to find the medications that suit you most. g)Get enough sleep and practice relaxation techniques - Getting a good night's sleep restores your energy so you can better manage pain and rests your joints to reduce pain and swelling. Relaxation techniques (yoga) can help you to manage pain better. h)Communicate - Don’t suffer alone; talk to family, friends and other patients. Find a doctor you like and trust with whom you can discuss problems and solutions. i)Seek medical attention early so that treatment can be started before too much damage is done. J)If you have knee pain - Avoid Climbing stairs, use western type - commode toilet, Do not sit on the floor.
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